Vivid Custom Websites is a Tulsa Website Design Firm that provides businesses with eye-catching websites, marketing and hosting at an affordable price. 

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Tulsa Website Design Services

Vivid Custom Websites offers a wide range of services on and off the web for our clients. Our Tulsa Website Design Firm is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma but we have clients all over the United States. Our goal is to keep your potential clients interested in your website with eye-catching detail and through our marketing services, make sure you have a steady steam of traffic at your front door.

  • What we offerHow we can help you

    At Vivid Custom Websites, we create thriving business solutions!


    We will help organize your goals and come up with a solution for your specific needs! Your success is our success! Our clients are a reflection of our work and we want to show the best!

    What we DO NOT do is add in extra "hours" onto a quote just to charge more. Once we give you a quote and start a project the price is final and we wont up the price.

  • Website DesignDesign is our Passion

  • BrandingLogos, Flyers, Cards, ect

    So what exactly is Branding anyway? Web Branding is basically the emotional connection that is created between the user and your business or product. Most of the time this is accomplished through a logo.Think of some of the big brands like Coke®  or Smuckers®. You automatically know who they are and what they sell just by seeing their logo.

    This is the reason it is important to have your logo displayed everywhere. On your Website, Flyers, Business Cards, Leader heads, Commercials, Ads, T-Shirts. If it's related to you business or product, your logo needs to be there.

  • MarketingSearch Engine Optimization

    It's great to have a eye-catching website for your business or product but whats the point if no one can find it. It's like opening up a store on a closed road, no one will even know you exist. That is where S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) marketing comes into play. It helps your open up that road and let potential clients find you by ranking you high in the search engines.

  • HostingProfessional Hosting


    Personal Hosting This type of package is good for users how are hosting simple websites with no database and are expecting light traffic.

     Business Hosting This type of hosting is great for business who have simple - moderate complexity websites with databases and are expecting light - medium traffic. Also good if you have videos users can watch or downloads.

    E-Com Hosting E-com stands for E-commerce and refers to buying or selling products. So if your website buys or sells products, this is the type of hosting for you.






Apr 19 2012

Have you ever heard the phrase "When you have a job there's to much time in the day and when you have a career there's not enough?" That's because people that have a career love what they do and the time just melts away. Everyone here at Vivid Custom Websites has a career and loves the work they do from our Graphic Designers to our SEO and marketing specialists. All of us coming together and creating some stunning Tulsa Website Designs.

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